how to remove Dark Spots on Face with onions and lemon

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how to remove Dark Spots on Face with onions

SPOT usually often appear black in the face with age. Nevertheless, the black spots could still be eliminated by natural means. 

Here's a short tip on how to use natural ingredients for maximum benefit, reported by Healthcareasia. 


onion contains a natural skin whitener. Acidic nature shallots can burn and whiten your skin's top layer of dead skin cells that can be lifted. Try a few slices of red onion and rub it on skin areas that are dark spots. 


Lemon contains vitamin C, which is a natural bleaching agent is another excellent. The content of vitamin C in lemons can flatten the color and texture of the skin, which eventually can fade dark spots on the face. 

Cut lemon in half, and insert pieces of lemon into a container of water. After twelve hours, to take a bulit juice or eroded from the skin, then rub on the skin surface. Allow to dry for several hours.