how to have Thick and healthy hair

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how to make your hair healthy and thick
Any woman who would refuse to have thick and healthy hair? Thick hair is a sign that your hair healthy, thick hair, especially if it sparkles beautifully. Unfortunately, not many women have thick hair due to an unhealthy lifestyle and wrong hair care or hair care lazy

In order for your hair is thick, here are some tips that can be tried.

Give Natural Mask

 Provide care will naturally make the hair healthier and thicker. Once a week, there's no harm in giving the treatment of fresh fruits, such as banana or avocado mask masks. With natural treatments, hair will receive the necessary nutrients and do not need to fear the effects of the use of synthetic chemicals.

Note Food Consumption 

Care of in also important, what you eat, then that is what will appear. Expand natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, fish and nuts. Avoid junk food or fried food. You will see the difference in the hair.

Choose the Right Shampoo 

Do not buy shampoo because there was a discount or went along with a friend. Wear the most appropriate shampoo for your hair. Do not forget to use a conditioner after every shampoo, because conditioner will keep hair shiny and healthy.

Not Wearing / Avoiding Hard Chemicals. 

Colored hair is cool, or perform smoothing also seems okay. But the wise! If your hair is brittle and easily damaged types, avoid the use of chemicals that are too harsh on the hair. Better your hair natural color and natural texture rather than broken and you later regret.

Avoid Heating Equipment Hair 

Better dry your hair using a hair dryer for a quick and practical. Sometimes change hairstyles with vise also gives a different impression. However, should reduce the use of products that can provide heat to the hair. Try wearing a hair dryer coldest temperatures when drying my hair. Indeed, much longer to dry, but hair is much healthier.

Those are some tips that you can try. Hopefully your hair is getting thicker and healthier.

how to make your hair healthy and thick
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how to make your hair thick and healthy
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