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Main Reasons Men Love Asian Women

vemale and men

often we see foreign men dating Asian women than Asian men dating foreign women. Of course there is a compelling reason in it. The reason is that? 

Some of these include the desire to dominate or remasculated Bule men, as quoted by Jezebel, Sunday (09/14/2014) 

Want to be recognized as a man 
The appeal of Asian women to Western men largely lies in the ability to pamper and be pampered. Asian women in history and tradition required to serve the man or husband, and this value is still valid today. 

In Western society during this time, which occurs in women is the opposite. Western women have long emancipated so easy to dominate and imitate men. Thus, many western men who want to be recognized masculinity and strength of women. 

Many of the negative stigma about men marrying Asian women Bule just want to improve or gain wealth descent. It turns out that such stigma applies to men Bule. On the other hand, the West is challenged man shows his wealth with dating Asian women. 

These challenges often come from environments Western men. They do not work acquaintance or dating an Asian woman, while on holiday, for example, they could be considered a loser because he did not get the Asian women. 

interest in racial 
Everyone has different preferences in seeing one's characteristics, including racial interest. Physical, cultural, or different manners become common interest factor in the interaction of two different backgrounds. 

Cultural and traditional Asian manners tend to make people miss and envy of the West. That is why now we have encountered many Westerners come to learn our culture, and ended by marrying local people. 

The stereotype of Asian men 
The number of negative stereotypes about Asian men make it easier Bule men dating Asian women. One stereotype that is the attitude of sexism or gender inequality. The reason this could be a reason for women to choose men of West Asia which is known for respecting the rights of women. 

Another reason, which later circulated in the media, is stereotyped Asian men as men are cute, feminine, and nerdy. While older men are described as being conservative and patriarchal. Although the image gradually heading in a positive direction, Western men are still often considered to be more superior than Asian men.

how to remove Dark Spots on Face with onions and lemon

how to remove Dark Spots on Face with onions

SPOT usually often appear black in the face with age. Nevertheless, the black spots could still be eliminated by natural means. 

Here's a short tip on how to use natural ingredients for maximum benefit, reported by Healthcareasia. 


onion contains a natural skin whitener. Acidic nature shallots can burn and whiten your skin's top layer of dead skin cells that can be lifted. Try a few slices of red onion and rub it on skin areas that are dark spots. 


Lemon contains vitamin C, which is a natural bleaching agent is another excellent. The content of vitamin C in lemons can flatten the color and texture of the skin, which eventually can fade dark spots on the face. 

Cut lemon in half, and insert pieces of lemon into a container of water. After twelve hours, to take a bulit juice or eroded from the skin, then rub on the skin surface. Allow to dry for several hours.

celebrity diet secrets revealed 2014

The celebrities have access to all of the most cutting-edge, whether it is fashion, technology, sports the latest, up to a diet that sounds weird. They are even willing to do the torturing diets seem to always look beautiful in front of the camera. Want to know, what are the stars of Hollywood diet to lose weight or gain muscle.

1. baby food diet 

According to Shape magazine, actress Reese Witherspoon followed the baby food diet (The Baby Food Diet) to trim the fat in the body. In this diet method adherents eat 14 jars of baby food at breakfast and lunch. Actress Jennifer Aniston is also said to follow this diet method.

2. Diet 16-8 

To reduce fat and increase muscle mass for the sake of acting as Wolverine, actor Hugh Jackman doing hard exercise and strict diet by eating only 5,000 calories between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. Called 16-8 diet because it should only be eaten within a period of 8 hours and 16 hours of fasting.

"By nature I thin so that it can actually eat anything. During the period of 8 hours a diet called 16-8 this diet method I eat freely. During that period I eat 5,000 calories and do not eat anything for 16 hours," said Jackman.

3. Diet biscuits 
Reality show star Nicole Polizzi chooses a diet biscuit to streamline the body. "I should eat 6 cookies or biscuits during daytime and for dinner, choose chicken, fish, or other healthy menu," he said. A diet that has existed since 1970 this allows us to eat a variety of biscuits like chocolate, banana, or coconut.

4. Five hands diet 
After giving birth, Harper Seven, Victoria Beckham on a diet of five hands to restore her figure. In this diet method he eats foods high protein portion is not more than the palm of the hand. She also consumes lots of water and snacking vegetables.

5. Fruit diet 
As the name implies, these dieters consume only fruits and nuts sometimes. They are prohibited from consuming animal products and grains. Apple founder Steve Jobs technology company known to adhere to this diet, as well as actor Ashton Kutcher when played Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs. But he was reportedly suffering from pancreatic problems after adopting this diet method.

6. Alkaline diet or pH diet 
Spider Man film stars, Kirsten Dunst is an adherent or the pH diet method known as Alkaline diet. The philosophy behind this diet is that makes acidic foods, such as meat and milk, can make the body's stress causing obesity and inflammation. This dieters eat more vegetables.

7. Color diet 7 days 
Singer Christina Aguilera lost weight by dieting color 7 days. In this diet method we are obliged to consume the food color one day. Starting with the color white, then red, green, orange, purple, yellow, and on day 7 the whole color.

5 Great Benefits of Coconut Oil

5 Great Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil actually has long been used by our ancestors. However, the longer the oil is being abandoned, whereas the function of coconut oil is very diverse, ranging from beauty to health. 

Here are five benefits of coconut oil:

Sources of energy 
Lauric acid, the dominant saturated fat in coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid. The body uses these acids differently than long-chain acids present in fatty foods. Medium chain fatty acids are processed by the liver and converted into energy by the body cells. That's why these fatty acids can help with weight loss.

Increase good cholesterol 
If you are concerned with cholesterol levels, coconut oil consumption can increase good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Although both up, the evidence shows that coconut oil to benefit both the unsaturated fats.

Antimicrobial and antioxidant
Coconut oil contains eradicating insects. Although research on this is still minimal, coconut oil was also able to fight viruses, bacteria, or certain fungal infections like the flu, bronchitis, acne, and so on. In addition, virgin coconut oil contains phenolic compounds as antioxidants.

Ingredients for Cooking 
Coconut oil is suitable for cooking because the flavor is more delicate and stable when cooked. Many dishes that go well with coconut oil, especially baking and stir-fry dishes that are not too hot. Coconut oil is also popularly used for cooking curry or other dishes that need a tropical scent.

Skin Care 
Coconut oil is very effective for cleaning makeup. In addition, the oil is suitable for use as a skin moisturizer, especially in cold weather when the skin is dry and cracked. 

However, due to the high content of lauric acid, should you choose virgin coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) to replace saturated fats such as butter and trans fats. Keep in mind that coconut oil is still fat, and avoid excessive consumption.

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How are calories burned in the body

If you want to lose weight, we often hear, calories burned need more than calorie intake. That is why exercise and diet are two things that need to be done to achieve that goal. But actually how the calorie - burning mechanism in the body? Clinical nutrition specialist Oetoro Samuel said, burning calories in the body occurs due to metabolism. The faster rate of metabolism, the more calories you burn, and vice versa.

Metabolism is the process the body produces energy that is used for basic living needs are also known as the basal metabolic rate (BMR) and daily activities. Metabolic rate varies with each person, so the caloric requirements were also different. "Usually the older the person, the metabolic rate decreases, so that age is a determining factor for the speed of the metabolic rate," Samuel said when contacted by Reuters Health, Friday (01/17/2014).

In addition to age, he continued, the factors that affect the metabolism such as gender and the environment, such as temperature, and several other factors. These factors generally affecting the BMR. Beyond that, the factor can be derived from physical activity

Physical activity, determines the rate of metabolism, then the people who do more physical activity will burn more calories than a little physical activity. The same thing is also spoken by a physician observer lifestyle and physiologists, Grace Judio-Kahl. He said, BMR is the energy required to maintain life, such as body temperature, the lungs, heart rate, and other body systems. The number of calories needed for BMR is relatively fixed, but the extra calories for other activities that are different, depending on their physical activity.

"If a little activity, rarely exercise, for example, only BMR calorie needs plus 30 percent. While someone who actively engaged caloric needs can reach BMR plus 40 to 50 percent," said the owner of the clinic this lighthouse. 

Grace explained, so that the body can burn more calories with optimal, then an increase in physical activity needs to be done. But other than that, in fact someone can also increase BMR, that is by increasing the muscle mass of the body.
Muscles of the body, he explained, requires more energy so that most people with more muscle mass also have a higher BMR. "How to increase muscle mass or strength training can lift weights," he explained.

How to slim down fast without dieting

Fast food such as donuts, sandwiches, or burger is fairly practical and can save time for those who always eat in a hurry. However, these foods contain high sugar and salt. If taken every day, your risk of obesity and diabetes

Working and living in the modern era, as now the dilemma is the limited time to cultivate healthy food for daily consumption. As a result, once again, many people choose junk food that instant. 

In fact, today many restaurants and supermarkets offering healthy and nutritious dish. However, due to have been accustomed to eating fast food, makes many people less tasteful with healthy food.

A study at the University of Chicago Medicine, said that the desire for fast food apparently due to lack of sleep. The results of the study showed that lack of sleep increases appetite adults is overweight. Generally, they choose fast food as a solution to reduce hunger.

Seeing the end result is so, researchers also apply extra sleeping time on the participants. More or less they were asked to sleep 96 minutes longer than usual, in which their normal sleep time is only about 6.5 hours. As a result, their appetite is reduced to 14 percent and wants fast food fell by 62 percent. 

"A lot of peoplesleepless because they are busy and have many tasks to be completed," said study author, Dr. Esra Tasali.

Tasali added, adding hours of sleep mechanism to the participants proved to suppress the appetite to consume fast food. "This method can be successful with a record as long as there is no intervention asleep that makes you instantly woke up and went to sleep again," he added. 

Besides not easily hungry, study participants also reported that the desire to snack high in sugar and salt, gradually declined.

fastest way to lose weight without dieting
how to slim fast without exercise
how to slim Down fast without exercise
how to become  slim fast without exercise
how to get slim fast without exercise

how to have Thick and healthy hair

how to make your hair healthy and thick
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Any woman who would refuse to have thick and healthy hair? Thick hair is a sign that your hair healthy, thick hair, especially if it sparkles beautifully. Unfortunately, not many women have thick hair due to an unhealthy lifestyle and wrong hair care or hair care lazy

In order for your hair is thick, here are some tips that can be tried.

Give Natural Mask

 Provide care will naturally make the hair healthier and thicker. Once a week, there's no harm in giving the treatment of fresh fruits, such as banana or avocado mask masks. With natural treatments, hair will receive the necessary nutrients and do not need to fear the effects of the use of synthetic chemicals.

Note Food Consumption 

Care of in also important, what you eat, then that is what will appear. Expand natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, fish and nuts. Avoid junk food or fried food. You will see the difference in the hair.

Choose the Right Shampoo 

Do not buy shampoo because there was a discount or went along with a friend. Wear the most appropriate shampoo for your hair. Do not forget to use a conditioner after every shampoo, because conditioner will keep hair shiny and healthy.

Not Wearing / Avoiding Hard Chemicals. 

Colored hair is cool, or perform smoothing also seems okay. But the wise! If your hair is brittle and easily damaged types, avoid the use of chemicals that are too harsh on the hair. Better your hair natural color and natural texture rather than broken and you later regret.

Avoid Heating Equipment Hair 

Better dry your hair using a hair dryer for a quick and practical. Sometimes change hairstyles with vise also gives a different impression. However, should reduce the use of products that can provide heat to the hair. Try wearing a hair dryer coldest temperatures when drying my hair. Indeed, much longer to dry, but hair is much healthier.

Those are some tips that you can try. Hopefully your hair is getting thicker and healthier.

how to make your hair healthy and thick
how to make hair healthy and thick naturally
how to get thick healthy long hair
how to make your hair thick and healthy
how to grow long thick healthy hair
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