How to slim down fast without dieting

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Fast food such as donuts, sandwiches, or burger is fairly practical and can save time for those who always eat in a hurry. However, these foods contain high sugar and salt. If taken every day, your risk of obesity and diabetes

Working and living in the modern era, as now the dilemma is the limited time to cultivate healthy food for daily consumption. As a result, once again, many people choose junk food that instant. 

In fact, today many restaurants and supermarkets offering healthy and nutritious dish. However, due to have been accustomed to eating fast food, makes many people less tasteful with healthy food.

A study at the University of Chicago Medicine, said that the desire for fast food apparently due to lack of sleep. The results of the study showed that lack of sleep increases appetite adults is overweight. Generally, they choose fast food as a solution to reduce hunger.

Seeing the end result is so, researchers also apply extra sleeping time on the participants. More or less they were asked to sleep 96 minutes longer than usual, in which their normal sleep time is only about 6.5 hours. As a result, their appetite is reduced to 14 percent and wants fast food fell by 62 percent. 

"A lot of peoplesleepless because they are busy and have many tasks to be completed," said study author, Dr. Esra Tasali.

Tasali added, adding hours of sleep mechanism to the participants proved to suppress the appetite to consume fast food. "This method can be successful with a record as long as there is no intervention asleep that makes you instantly woke up and went to sleep again," he added. 

Besides not easily hungry, study participants also reported that the desire to snack high in sugar and salt, gradually declined.

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